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Iron Waste Logs 11-20

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Session 11 - Greyfang

The jackal-headed humanoid thanks the party for their aid

His name is Greyfang

He and his "pack" live in the Badlands

There have been strange omens recently; Greyfang spent some time alone, communing with the spirits to understand these omens

When he returned to his village, it was deserted - all 40 or so inhabitants had left

Almost all of their belongings had been left behind

Greyfang is tracking them westward (toward the Iron Waste)

The group explain that they are travelling to Melosis

Greyfang warns them to find a secure place to camp at night and suggests three options

1. his village - this would be safest for tonight but is off their main path and would extend their journey

2. a ruined tower to the north-east - closer to the correct route, but considered by his people to be a place of "bad spirits"

3. a low-lying area known as Cactus Hollow - most progress in their journey, but risk of running into trouble before they get there.

The group chooses option 3

Greyfang gives them some gifts as thanks for their help and then sets off after his people

En route to Cactus Hollow, the group encounters four giant, burrowing insectoid predators that spit acid

The group manages to kill the monsters

They camp without incident and press on in the morning

They reach a stone cairn with a humanoid skull atop it

There are more of these cairns to the left and right

The group surmise this is a boundary marker and discuss going around it

Ultimately, since they don't know how much of a diversion this would be, they decide to press on directly for Melosis ...


Session 12 - Skulls and Snares

The group presses on

After about an hour they spot the corpse of one of the small lizard-birds found in this region

When they investigate it, they set off a snare that clamps down on Elend's leg

Raad hypthosizes that the dead animal is a lure for larger prey

Shalka is impressed with the craftiness of the snare

They move on, so as not to be discovered there, and about an hour later Raad patches up Elend's wounds

In the early afternoon they smell blood on the wind and investigate

There has been a fight: two humans are dead and a third, near death, is found hidden in a cleft between two boulders

They heal the young man

She is Shery Isesu; a would-be adventurer who came with his friends in hunt of the "insect monsters" found here

They were hired to do this by a halfling, "new in town and staying at the Golden Sheaf Inn"

Shery never got the halfling's name but figures there can't be too many people meeting that description

His group were ambushed by dog-headed humanoids.  A fourth member of the group, named Parwen, has been carried off by these attackers

The group decides to try and rescue Parewn, even though Raad not-so-tactfullay suggests he may already be dog-person-food

They track the attackers to their camp in the stony uplands and decide to leap straight to violence

A fierce battle ensues

Eventually the group (and Shery) triumph, though they are too late to save Parwen, who has been tortured, then killed and decapitated

After gathering up some loot, they finish their journey to Melosis, arriving shortly before dusk ...


Session 13 - Dinner-time!

Shery leaves the group so he can go inform the families of his slain friends

Raad makes a note that they should try and meet the "halfling at the Golden Sheaf" who hired Shery's group

The group meet Behzad, a member of the town guard, who helps them find an inn and then shows them to Alim Pashtet's home

Alim invites the group, as well as Behzad, to join him for a meal as they ask him their questions

On the question of the Hag, Pashtet advises:

  • It is likely she is laired somewhere isolated, but not more than 10-15 miles of Akhenatek
  • There may be mutated insects or other vermin in the vicinity of the lair
  • The safest option is to find the lair and kill the hag before she overcomes Tia's resistance
  • Alternative options are:
    • To let Tia be overwhelmed and follow her to the hag's lair (which is much less likely to save Tia); or
    • To perform a ritual to enter Tia's nightmare and face the Hag there - but the Hag made the dream and is much more powerful there
  • Pashtet will organise the equipment for the ritual - it will take a full day to collect so the group will be in town for 2 days 

On the question of Primal Nodes, Pashtet advises:

  • Nodes may alter from time to time, leading to the rise and fall of new civilisations
  • He does not know of any mortal magic that can change a node
  • He will send word to contacts in the Kingdom of the Sun to see if they have more information
  • In the meantime, the node merits further study 

The group thank Pashtet for his help and ask if there is any assistance he needs while they wait in town

Pashtet says nothing for him, but he is aware of a matter in "The Midden", a goblin-dominated squatter's camp which has grown up around the town dump

The goblins (and others) scour the dump for raw materials to salvage and use in crafting new items

Someone named Chegga is the best person to contact about matters in The Midden

The group agree to look into it and invite Bezhad to come along since he knows the town

Chegga is a flamboyantly-dressed female goblin.  She explains that several goblins have vanished while exploring the dump for salvage

She makes a (joking?) comment about thinking "we'd need to kidnap a human kid before anyone offered to help"

The group decides to have Kashto use his acting skills to dress up as a goblin, and see if they can lure out whatever is taking people

This works!

Three rat-like semi-humanoid monsters, two about 5 feet tall and the other a massive 8 foot beast, try to grab Kashto

Specifically, the big one literally swallows him

The rest of the group attack and manage to force the beast to regurgitate Kashto and flee

They track the rat-things to a lair deep in the dump ...



Session 14 - Rats!

Leaving Kashto outside to recover from his ordeal, Raad, Elend and Behzad enter the rat-things' lair

Quickly, they catch up with the largest foe and Elend puts a couple of arrows into it to announce their presence

Things rapidly go downhill from there

Behzad's bold sortie against the beast sees him bloodied and mobbed as more of the smaller rat-things turn up

An effort to redress their lines proves a tactical error as the largest beast uses its greater reach to heavily wound both Behzad and Raad, then swallows Dave!

Even when the group finally rally and drop the large beast, things turn against them once more: rat-thing reinforcements arrive!

Behzad is knocked unconscious and both Raad and Elend are badly hurt

At least Dave manages to burst free of the monster that ate him

Expending precious healing items and making emergency first aid dashes, the adventurers shore up their lines

Finally, a run of luck sees the fight turn in their favour.  One rat-thing escapes by fleeing out of the complex, but the others are ultimately overcome

Victory!  But it is a battered trio, almost bereft of resources, who survive.



Session 15 - Indigo Sweat

Shortly after their battle ends, the group hears the sound of a skirmish to the south

Bezhad leads the way in investigating.

They discover two goblins in rags attacking an armed ratling

Also in the room is a bloated, deformed rat-thing with stunted limbs that emits a viscous purple sweat

The group knock out and capture the ratling

The goblins were grabbed by the ratlings and forced to constantly wipe away the creature's sweat and wring out the purple liquid into clay pots

The ratlings then carried the sweat away for unclear purposes

Several previous goblin slaves had been killed and eaten

The group explores the rest of the complex

They three mutated, semi-humanoid rats in one chamber

These are comatose, and have several empty clay pots with purple stains beside them

The adventurers discuss theories - perhaps the ratlings are created more of their species by mutating ordinary rats somehow?

They take samples of the purple sweat to give to Alim Pashtet and to Verrana

The group reports back to Chagga and hands over their prisoner

Elend and Raad invite Bez to join the group longer-term.  After consulting with a priest for guidance, he agrees

The group goes to the Golden Sheaf to find the halfling that Shery mentioned

He and his party have already left; the halfing made a comment about "If you want something doing, do it yourself"

The group surmises the halfling may be going into the Badlands to look for monstrous insects

They resolve to keep an eye out for other travellers in the Badlands but head directly back to Akhenatek, staying overnight at Cactus Hollow once more



Session 16


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