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Barakus Session 5

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As they prepare the enter the caves once more, the heroes see a badly injured Dwarf staggering up the Fool's Pass Road. He passes out soon after they spot him, but they tend to his wounds and patch him up.


When he awakes, the Dwarf gives his name as Orgrim Ryestill and explains that he was one of the guards for a shipment of whiskey, bound for the Festival of the Dwarven New Year (a time when Dwarves come together to celebrate how many goblins and orcs they killed last year, boast about how many they will kill this year, and get absolutely tanked in the process).


The wagon carrying the whiskey was attacked by a group of some 20 goblins and hobgoblins. The other guards were killed, and the raiders stole their weapons and the whiskey. Orgrim was desperate that both the lost weapons and the alcohol be retrieved: the weapons so they could be buried with their owners, the whiskey because it would be a black day of shame for the Ryestill Clan if they had to admit to losing such an important shipment to a bunch of goblinoids.


When Keth expressed an interest in helping out, Orgrim offered a reward for anyone who could recover the lost items. He himself had to make it to the city, to bring back another wagon for the barrel (which weighed some 500 lbs). Mordechai and Sharni were detailed to go with him, in case he met trouble on the way.


The others headed up to the site of the battle, then followed the (very obvious) tracks left by the goblinoids and the barrel they were rolling before them. After about a mile, the goblinoids evidently lost track of their charge, which rolled down a hillside (crushing a goblin en route) and then into a copse of trees.


Amber scouted the copse and found the barrel, still guarded by two goblins and a hobgoblin, had fetched up against a half-ruined wall. The goblins were loudly complaining about how long they had been waiting for "the others". Amber slipped back, told her companions, and they made a quick attack that easily put paid to the three guards.


Hai looked over the wall and discovered a small compound, which had evidently belonged to someone of wealth, but rather 'over the top' tastes in decor. The group figured the rest of the goblinoids must be inside, and snuck in through a window. They found signs throughout the building that the goblinoids had been through, including the bodies of both goblinoids and other creatures.


The heroes were much more thorough in their search than the goblinoids appeared to have been, however, and turned up several items those who had gone before had missed. They also discovered where the rest of the band had gone: many were dead, but some had evidently descended a flight of stairs into tunnels beneath the house.


After accidentally triggering a trap that unleashed a dretch; which they slew only after a difficult battle; the group found a note in one of the rooms:


-moning traps seem to work well. Am most confounded by this ring. I know there is a way to incorporate teleportation into it, but I cannot figure out how yet. Will have to see if the kindly wizards of Endhome will let me into that library of theirs. Oh, if they only dreamed what a library old Rajick has! Must be sure the tower is secure before I leave. I think I can rig up this or that along the way to it as well. We shall see.


This, together with several arcane scrolls and material components, led them to conclude that they had found the home of the summoner Rajick who lived some hundred years before.


Having been banged up by their encounters and running low on healing, the group spiked the trapdoor to the tunnels shut, put the barrel on top of it so the goblinoids couldn't come out, and rested until morning.


In the morning, a negotiation with the goblinoids took place through the trapdoor. No accord could be reached however, so the party eventually went down and killed the last survivor, who proved to have resorted to cannibalism in the hours he was stuck below: his weaker companion had been carved up for steaks.


The heroes also found the missing dwarven weapons, and briefly considered turning back. However, they decided to press on. They soon encountered skeletal wolves, which Keth merrily turned once, then twice, then finally actually used his domain ability and destroyed them.


The tunnel ended at an underground lake, with a golden chest on the far side, over a ricketty bridge. The heroes, suspecting a trap, sent Amber to get it.


A trap there was: two zombie squid attacked the goup, and a fierce battle ensued that almost saw Amber drowned. At last one squid was driven off (good job Keth has a Charisma) and the other slain. The group high-tailed it out of there before the first squid could come back.


Meeting up with Orgrim and the others, the group returned to Endhome where they were feted by the Dwarves and given Dwarf-Friend Tokens by the Ryestill Clan. All good-hearted Dwarves in the Endhome region will now be Friendly toward the heroes (which means among other things that they will pay 60% of market prices for items the party want to sell).


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