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Church of Solarnus

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Keth Morningson and his mentor Father Beamus are both priests of Solarnus, the sun god. The actual Church in which they perform their duties is located in the South Quarter of Endhome: a region known to be one of the poorest and most dangerous within the city walls (it's sometimes unkindly called the 'Southern Slums') though it is by no means as miserable a place as Shantytown.


The Church itself is a small building, some fifty feet to a side. It's all built on a single level, though the vaulted rooft is 20 feet high. Large openings are set into the roof, facing both east for the dawn and west for the sunset. These openings are protected by awnings to keep out the rain. The awnings can be pulled down over the opening itself and locked after dark, though Father Beamus sometimes forgets to do so.

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