Although Harborside is the center of commerce for Malador, Clifftop is the true center of wealth, and also the center of power. Only the richest and most politically powerful families in the city own property there, and they actively conspire to keep outsiders from gaining entry. With all members of the Malador Council hailing from this neighborhood, this task is usually easily accomplished.


Although Malador lacks a city wall, the inhabitants of Clifftop have funded the construction of a 10-foot-high stone wall around their community. Lacking battlements and pierced by four large gates, the wall is all but useless as a defensive measure, but it is not intended as such; its purpose is instead to prevent intrusion by “undesirable elements” — which in the view of those who live in Clifftop is essentially everyone else in the city. Entry is prohibited to any outsider who lacks an invitation, and any “vagrant” found within the walls is arrested and imprisoned.


Every home in Clifftop — and with the exception of the Council Hall, they are all homes — is a huge and sprawling affair. Most have two stories, while a few have three, but they spread most of their size across the ground. A single mansion in the Clifftop might take up as much room as eight or ten buildings in the Harborside or the Foot. The mansions are invariably decorated in opulent fashion, though the level

of taste in the décor is by no means as consistent as the luxury. As if the buildings themselves were not extravagant enough, each also has grounds at least as large as the mansion itself. These gardens and lawns are usually enclosed in a head-high or taller stone wall, though some are bounded with tall hedges instead.


The roads of Clifftop are wide, and paved with broad, fitted stone to give the carriages of the rich a smooth and comfortable ride. Foot traffic is rare; even the patrolling groups of town and private guards travel mounted. (These patrols are frequent and regular.) Anyone seen afoot is immediately suspected of being a vagrant or, if dressed in livery of some kind, a servant.