Defenses of Malador

In theory, Malador is wide open for conquest. It not only lacks a city wall, but it has no standing army. Instead, the city’s defense is left in the hands of a volunteer militia, much as it was in the days when Malador was still a village. As a volunteer force, the militia is unpaid, but members are permitted to go armed on the city streets without paying for a weapons license, since they must be ready to defend the city at any time. Since the only requirement on members is that they attend at least one training session per month, most adventurers and mercenaries who live in Malador sign up with the militia in order to save themselves the cost of the license.


There is some debate over how much value the 700-strong militia would be in the event of an actual battle, due to their lack of high-level organization or standardized equipment, but many are skilled warriors (in some cases much more

skilled than the people who “train” them once a month), and could be very effective if competently led. The Council has prepared detailed mobilization plans in case the need arises to defend the city against a large scale threat. These plans never mention the source of the threat, but the plans are clearly designed with Borat as the expected invader. Under the plans, the militia is organized as auxiliary units under the command of officers from the Malador Guard.


Membership in the militia is open to all adults who retain the use of all four limbs and at least one eye. Although there is no pay, militia members are guaranteed certain considerations in the event that they are mobilized by the city:



Militia members who fail to respond to a mobilization announcement within 8 hours, or who fail to follow orders once mobilized, are automatically considered guilty of treason. The punishment in all cases is immediate execution without trial.