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Drowning Towers

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Created by the devastating collapse of the shoreline during one of the Masters’ titanic battles, the ocean between Malador and the Drowning Towers rarely attains a depth of more than 50 feet, and there are many patches where a human could comfortably wade. Only small, shallow-draft boats can safely navigate this area, often sailing over the remains of sunken villages. Once the home of human families, the ruined cottages of these flooded settlements are now the home of hundreds of fish.


Twenty miles across these waters are the Drowning Towers, the flooded ruins of the Masters’ ancient cities. The towers thrust upward to heights between 10 and 60 feet above the water and, depending on the depth of the seabed, descend 30 to 50 feet below the surface. Constructed of black stone that seems unaffected by its long immersion in sea water, the towers show no sign of significant structural decay from the outside. The interior of the towers is another story, however: Many of the inner walls and floors were constructed of lesser stone or even wood, and have deteriorated to a dangerous degree.


The Towers represent the lifeblood of Malador. Without them, the city would be just another isolated town. To protect this vital source of wealth, Malador’s council has authorized the construction of six great rafts, each large enough to hold 20 archers and a pair of small catapults. Moored in a circle around the towers, at least two of the rafts can target any approaching vessel, regardless of the route it takes. The commanders of these floating fortresses have explicit orders to sink any ship that draws near without permission.

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