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There is a region in the wastelands where an ancient city was destroyed during the Master’s War when powerful magics drew several titanic spires of iron from the heavens to devastate the city. This area is now known as Ironbight.


The sands for forty miles in every direction have turned to glittering black iron, beset by Iron Storms and strange, magical creatures that hunt those who draw too near the iron spires.


A large network of maze-like rifts run through the region, providing some refuge from the harsh conditions of the iron desert, but rumors of strange tribes living amongst them have begun to circulate.


The iron sands from the around Ironbight's black spires are particularly pure. It needs no refinement and allows the forging of superior arms, armor and tools.


It is rumored that the Doge of Khalikand pays tribute to the sandskimmer pirates not only to prevent raids on his caravans but also to attack anyone who tries to harvest the black sand.

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