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New Coast Gazetteer

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Many centuries ago, humanity was a slave race created by an ancient group of powerful beings who crafted untold magical wonders. These beings, known as the Masters, lived in cities that floated in the sky and in massive citadels that stood upon the ocean’s floor. Even the least among them could craft spells far beyond the abilities of a human arcanist today. In time, the Masters turned against each other. Whether it was boredom, simmering rivalries, or some other cause, none can say. A tremendous war tore across the world. Magical energy seared the land, turning verdant forests into death zones now known as Ghostlands. Even today, hundreds of years later, few living things survive there.


Roughly one hundred years ago, the Masters vanished. How and where they went is not known. Humanity and the other slave races were left to try and rebuild the shattered remains of civilisation ...


Welcome to the New Coast

Before the Masters’ destructive war, the New Coast lay 20 miles inland and was dotted with small farming community that provided foodstuffs to the great cities on the shoreline. Near the end of the war, a cataclysmic magical battle between four rival Masters led to devastating seismic activity: mile upon mile of land was first scoured into Ghostlands, and then cast down into the ocean. This unleashed a deluge of water that killed thousands of people in the cities and rushed inland to drown many villages as well. Communities that once lived inland now found themselves perched on the coast.


Regions of the New Coast

Bleakwater: A saltwater swamp filled with strange beasts.

Borat: A militarily powerful but economically weak kingdom.

Cloven Ranges: A maze of blind gulleys, jagged cliffs, and steaming fissures.

Drowning Towers: The semi-submerged remains of the Masters' cities

Gray Steppe: An arid wasteland of magic-scoured desert.

Malador: The largest city and economic powerhouse of the region.

Society in the New Coast



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