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Religion in the New Coast

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Church of the Mariner

This faith has a significant presence in Malador, but is rare in more inland areas. It teaches that originally, the world was all ocean, under the care of a divine being: the Mariner. Then the Masters came and raised the land out of the waters. However, the Masters' pride and hubris eventually led the Mariner to cast them down, and drown their lands.


The Church believes that if humanity does not show due reverence to the Mariner's bounty (fish for food, driftwood for building, and so forth), the Mariner will one day drown the rest of the land.



Covenant of the Return

This faith holds an idealised picture of the world prior to the Masters' War. They revere the Masters as angelic beings, either deities or the agents of deities, who will one day return to the world. At that time, the Covenant teaches, all who have turned their hearts from the Masters will be punished, and those who have stayed loyal will become the new First.


The Covenant was the most prominent religion in the first generations after the Masters' War, but its status has declined significantly as the years pass without the prophesied return.



Gospel of Divine Duty

According to the tenets of this Borati faith, every living creature is beholden to a creature greater than itself. This, the Gospel priests argue, is the natural order. Beasts owe obedience to men, men to the Overseer, the Overseer to the Masters, and the Masters to the Gods. Or at least, that was the original doctrine. Over the years, mention of the Masters has all but disappeared, and the Overseer - now calling himself King Darragan is beholden only to the GOds.

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