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Whiterock Session One

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It has always seemed as if Will Dunraith was blessed by the gods.  Handsome and charming, he married the most beautiful woman in Beeton, and has enjoyed great success with his experiment of keeping giant bees in order to produce more honey,.


However, on the day our story begins, things have gone wrong for Will - and for the other folk of Beeton.  Something got into the giant bee enclosure this morning, and stirred up the bees into a terrible frenzy.  Several of them got out, and two locals weere stung.  One, a hearty young man, is expected to pull through.  The other, the elderly Widow Canty, is in serious danger.


Having exhausted his supply of dried herbs, Father Alwick tasks his apprentice, William, with heading up into the hills and seeking out a huge, ancient tree stump.  Within the stump, he explains, are the three types of mushrooms he needs to make a poultice and draw out the poison.  The good Father warns his acolyte that the hills are dangerous, and suggests William takes some backup in the task ... and that he exercise care in retrieving the mushrooms, as improper handling can have unfortunate side effects.


After recruting allies from amongst the younger people of the village, William leads the way into the hills.  After several hours, of travel, the five come in sight of the stump ... and in sight of a group of goblin raiders.  The goblins, having seen the party coming, attempt an ambush, but most of the party prove to have keen eyes, and pick out the danger in time to react.  A brief melee ensues.  The heroes pick up a few scrapes, and it takes Mai-Ling a minute or so to walk out the pain of a strike to her knee, but five goblins are quickly dispatched and the three surviving goblinoids sent scurrying for safety.


Half an hour later, the group makes it to the foot of the squat, imposing stump ...



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