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Whiterock Session Seven

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With Bob once more amongst them, the group followed the other path leading away from the river.  Almost immediately, they noticed a strengthening of the strange, unsettling aura that permeated the caverns.


Catching sight of a flickering light from ahead of them, Mai Ling made use of her low-light vision and formiddable skills of stealth to sneak forward and examine whatlay ahead.  This proved to be four more cultists, engaged in a game of dice.


The adventurers attacked with surprise, quickly downing three of the enemy, but the fourth managed to flee, and soon returned with reinforcements: a pair of crossbow-wielding cultists, three formidable looking warriors, and a sixth figure.  This last person was obviously the one in charge: despite his small stature, the other cultists clearly followed his commands.  Perhaps it was because he was more afflicted/blessed with mutations than they.  His right eye was swollen to twice its normal size, his skin was covered in patches of red scales, and a small horn was growing from his forehead.


Batle was joined, and the first few seconds went well for the group, as two of the enemy warrior were killed.  But then the leader of the enemy thrust out his hands and projected a blast of many-coloured light.  When Zook blinked his eyes to clear them, he discovered that all of his companions were unconscious!


Pulling forth a scroll of shield, the sartorially elegant gnome increased his magical protections to their maximum level, and bravely interposed himself between his companions and the enemy, hoping that he could hold the line long enough for them to recover.  And indeed, though he soon bled from two nasty wounds, and was scorched by rays of fire from the enemy spellcaster, the group's sorcerer did exactly that.  Mai Ling was the first of his companions to stir, rising just in time as a second blast of multi-colored light finally knocked Zook to the ground.


Bob and William finally stirred after that, and the cultists fell one after another, until only the spellcasting villain remained.  Evidently deciding to live to fight another day, this individual fled the battle, and despite the best efforts of the group (especially Mai Ling), managed to race down another tunnel and throw himself into the subterranean river, where he was quickly swept away!


Though they found a pair of rafts, made of fungal logs, which they could use to follow the fleeing cultists, the group were sorely injured and depleted of spells.  Given that they did not know what might lie downstream, they decided to rest and recuperate overnight before pressing the pursuit ...



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