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Whiterock Session Thirty-Four

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The group advances through the opening left by the Font of Knowledge, entering a spacious reception area, decorated with statues of Zan'anian monks.  Ahead, a wrought iron stair case spirals downward into a cavernous room.


Within a few moments, the more shapr-eared members of the group hear the steady approach of feet on the stairs, so the group waits to see who is coming to meet them.  Behind, the stone wall of the font shimmers back into existence.


After about a minute or so, a slender Zan'anian man reaches the top of the stairs.  He is dressed in simple robes, and bears a tattoo of the rising sun on his forehead.  He is human, and of indeterminate age - he seems hale and hearty and his face is largely unlined, but he does not look youthful.


The monk introduces himself as Lo Ren, custodian of the Library of the Dawning SunMei Ling is very excited by this discovery.


It soon emerges that Lo Ren has had no contact with the outside world since the monastery above was destroyed some thousand years before.  As he explains, the library is suffused with powerful magic that holds at bay the effects of time.  This was done to preserve the books and prevent them from decaying, but its effects extend to those living creatures who remain within the library.  Unfortunately, the key term is "at bay": leave the library, and the toll of the years will be fully restored.  Lo Ren was already 60 when he took over the library, and had lived there for 80 years before losing contact with the outside world.  He has been alone except for the books and some "servitors" (though the group does not see any other creatures) since that time.


Lo Ren is polite and affable and willing to assist the group with any research they want to do in the library, though he notes that the texts are all at least 1000 years of age.  He requests that the group bring any new information they can to the library: a text of some kind is required to open the Font each time they return, in any case.


Unfortunately, due to the time he has spent alone, Lo Ren can tell the group nothing of the missing refugees, nor of the creatures beneath the mountains.  Nonetheless, he seems confident that the library is a safe place, protected by himself and the servitors.  Mei Ling briefly discusses the Order of the Dawning Sun with him, and the possibilities for re-establishing it.  However, the search for the missing villagers takes precedence.


Taking their leave, the group travels through the tunnel filled with milky-white water and emerges into what seems to be the remains of an ancient and profane temple.  They encounter several undead, which they are handily defeating when the creatures' creator appears: a hugely obese troglodyte, bearing unmistakeable signs of the taint of elder blood.  Imbued with the terrible energies of the Outer Gods, this behemoth tears into the group, barely suffering a scratch in return.  A desperate flight ensues, as it becomes clear that to stand and fight would lead to the deaths of most or all of the group.


The beast pursues, and - remembering Lo Ren's claims that the library is well-guarded, Mei Ling suggests they return there for his help.  This they do, and the thousand year old monk proves a great aid, severely wounding the creature and allowing the group to chase it down when it attempts to flee.


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