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Whiterock Session Forty

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The group "spells up" and then wades into battle.  They are perhaps a little overconfident when they see that Jaagrath is proetcted only by three ogres.  In particular, Zook does his usual thing of racing away from everyone else and then casting greater invisibility to protect himself.


And one of the ogres hits him with glitterdust.


Then Jaagrath smashes him with a massive axe and boots him into the cave's fire pit.  It's not a good day to be Zook.


This is the first - but certainly not last - sign that this will not be an easy fight.  And it proves a titanic battle indeed.  Zook's eidolon is destroyed, along with z couple of his summoned creatures.  Zook himself narrowly avoids being burned to death.  William is knocked unconscious twice - the second time coming within seconds of death before Eric saves him - and Gareth is slain.


Eventually, however, the group's ability to keep William upright, and William's supply of positive energy surges, is enough for them to emege triumphant.


As he dies, Jaagrath issues a warning: "Cadavag will consume your very souls".


Perhaps not having quite learned their lesson about overconfidence yet, the group is all "whatever, dead guy".


Belatedly going to talk to the prisoner, the group discovers he is an ogrekin elf named Borgad, known as "Kinbiter" to the ogres because of his hatred for giants.  Borgad is saddened to hear he didn't get a chance to help kill Jaagrath, and alarmed when he hears the name "Cadavag".  Apparently, this is a far more dangerous foe than the recently slain ogre leader.  Which, given how tough the fight with Jaagrath was, is not an encouraging thought.


The group decides to release Borgad from the cell, and he helps them navigate their way back to civilisation.  He explains that Cadavag is "The Ogre" in these parts, and that the Stone Giants of the Ul Dominor mountains, normally a reclusive people, are on the warpath and have allied with the ogres. He also warns them that Cadavag will discover who killed Jaagrath, and will seek revenge, as Jaagrath is his son.  The group decides to make for Castle Whiterock as a matter of priority.


As they travel, however, Zook's "spider issues" have been becoming more and more pronounced, until one night he awakes to discover himself in the faerie realms.  The rest of the group slumber around him as he meets a young Gnomish woman, who introduces herself as "Aranea" and explains that he has been chosen to become her mate ...


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