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Whiterock Session Fifty-One

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Both Zook and Mei Ling are weakened by the ordeal of reincarnation, and the primary goal thus becomes returning to William.


Unfortunately, while Zook's attempt to teleport back the next day is (for once) successful, the young cleric is missing!  Indeed, the camp where they left Will, Borgad and Kohta is a complete shambles.  A swathe of destruction leads off to the east, and the group follows it.


They soon find themselves at a large stone house, with a tower at one end.  There are signs of fighting an forced entry to the building, including a fire-blasted corpse on the front porch.


Shrugging, the group enters and begins to explore the house.  They run afoul of several traps and guardians, which greatly aggravates Mei Ling, who apparently considers it her right to trespass wherever she pleases.  They do eventually overcome the various golems and other menaces, however, and make it into the cellars beneath the house.


Here, they discover several laboratories, and a room containing a coffin and a wooden stake.


That can't be good.


They press on, and encounter a group of adventurers clustered outside a large metal door.  This quartet demand to know if the group are allies of the "foul mage who dwells here".  Mei Ling lets them know what she thinks of the mage and his house, and a detente is reached.  The leader of the adventurers - a fighter named Corl - explains that they have come to slay the mage, who has been conducting "foul experiments involving vampires".


Corl, as it happens, is lying through his teeth, and is a vampire.  Unfortunately for the group, they are extremely slow to pick up on this, and both gnomes are quickly dominated.  They then subdue Mei Ling, who is then bound before being dominated in turn when she awakes.


Smiling, Corl readies himself to send his new pawns against the mage ...


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