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Whiterock Session Fifty-Two

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Unfortunately for Corl's plans, when the group burst through the metal door they find Kohta and Borgad allied with the mage.  Corl's domination quickly evaporates when they are forced to attack their own friends, and the battle quickly turns against the vampire and his minions.  Corl and one of his cohorts manage to flee; the rest are cut down.


A conference between the heroes and the mage ensues.  He gives his name as Londar and explains that Corl and the others were minions of an evil god of tyranny - one with many vampire servants - and that he is an enemy of this cult.  Mei Ling is deeply suspicious and antagonistic about this, demanding to know why the mage had a vampire in his custody if they are enemies.  Stiffly, Londar explains that he was seeking a cure for vampirism - a cure he believes he has found - and that he needed a subject to test on.


Despite Mei Ling's ongoing hostility, Londar and the group are able to come to an agreement: he suspects he knows where Will has been taken, and can send them there.  In return, they will take a dose of his cure with them, and try it on "the woman in the crystal sarcophagus".  Londar is not very forthcoming about his interest in this woman, but it is clear that he cares for her deeply.


The group travels to a desolate pocket dimension, dominated by a huge black ziggurat.  They enter, soon encountering a beautiful woman who questions them as to their purpose there.  Despite the fact that this woman lives in a den of seething evil, the group is much nicer to her than to Londar, with only Zook in favour of attacking her.  Instead, they part amicably.


The group later finds the glass sarcophagus, which dissolves away when coming into contact with someone who means no harm to Londar's lost love.  They give the woman the potion, and - though she does not regain consciousness - her skin becomes warm to the touch, instead of cool.


There is still no sign of William, however, so the group presses on ...


... and promptly encounters the woman they spoke to earlier, except now, she's brought friends.



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