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(Possible) Future Games

Page history last edited by Capellan 1 year ago

This page contains notes and ideas for possible future campaigns.  Some, all, or none of them may eventually be played.


Spears of the Dawn 

It might be fun to try a campaign in this African-themed setting.  Or Edhrighor might replace it, depending on the overlap.  Who knows?

If I run this, I'd make a few tweaks:

Roll initiative on 2d6, not 1d8

Max HP at 1st level for PCs

Ditch underlying ability scores and just use the mods.

PCs get two stats at +1, rest at 0.  At least one prime req must be +1.  They then have option to take a 3rd stat at +1, but must change one of their 0s to a -1 if they do.

Consider using ascending AC, and make AC the to hit number, instead of 20.  But would probably try it 'as is' first.



Swords & Wizardry

I'm tempted to try an OSR game using this, with some tweaks:

Ability scores 4d6, keep best 3, arrange to taste

Starting gold is 100 gp per PC, pooled and shared according to PC agreement (non-day 1 characters will have gear GM-assigned)

Humans get 1 re-roll per (3 hour) session

Dwarves must have Con 12+.  Level advancement as fighter is unlimited.  Can be single-classed Fighter, or Fighter/Cleric, or Fighter/Thief.  Max level as cleric or thief is 8.  Cannot be magic-users.

Elves must have Dex 12+.  Level advancement as MU is unlimited.  Can be single-classed MU, or Fighter/MU, or MU/Thief.  Max level as fighter or thief is 8.  Cannot be clerics, as they disobeyed the gods by pursuing arcane magic.

Half-Elves do not have any ability requirements. May choose one of Fighter, MU or Thief as unlimited advancement; have max level 8 in others.  Can be any multi-class of those 3 (including all).  Elf blood means no clerics.

Halflings must have Str of 16 or less.  Level advancement as thief is unlimited.  Can be single-classed thief, or Cleric/Thief or Fighter/Thief.  Max level as cleric or fighter is 8.  Cannot be magic-users.



Iron Heroes 2e Playtest




Bane City

Fallout style game using lightly re-skinned "Belly of the Beast" rules.


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