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Trollhound Troubles

Page history last edited by Capellan 5 years, 6 months ago

Session 1

When Leif sold his shadow, it was severed from him at his feet.  After all, that is where shadows attach. 


Ever since, Leif has experienced episodes of literal 'itchy feet', which ease only when he travels.  The latest episode has brought him to the city of Blacksand, and an unfortunate misunderstanding regarding some 'love charms' he sold has subsequently brought him to the East Precinct Gaol.


Sharing his cell is Vera, a street performer picked up when she 'noticed a nearby man's money pouch was loose and tried to reattach it for him'.  Given the glue-trap that went off when she did, Vera suspects she was set up.


Kronk arrives at the cell, and he and Vera engage in their usual manner.  Vera is wittier, but Kronk has the advantage of not being in a cell.  The he tells her she's facing fourteen moons in prison for her latest arrest ... but that he might lose the paperwork if she does a little task for them.  Of course, if she fails, she'll be worse off than she is now ...


Vera asks what the job is, and Kronk explains that the annual Goblinball game against West Precinct is coming up in a week ('ya grab a goblin, sew it in a ball, and try ta kick it into a goal - the squeakin' is what makes it fun').  Kronk wants West Precinct's mascot - a trollhound - disappeared before the game.  With little choice, Vera agrees to the deal.  When Leif says he has a plan, she brings him in on it too.


Once out of the gaol, the pair head back to Vera's squat and talk to 'Blind' Orz.  He explains that the West Precinct has won the game for three years running because they are better players, but that stealing the mascot will likely turn the match into a straight up brawl: and in a fight, he'd back Kronk's boys.


Later, Leif explains his plan: use Vera's tiefling heritage to impersonate infernal dog breeders and go to the West Precinct with an offer to cross their trollhound with a hellhound.


Of course, to do that, they're going to need fancier clothes ...




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